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Peterborough Theatre Guild 2015-2016 Season

- Playbill subject to change -

Sept 18 to Oct 3


by Don Nigro

Directed by by David Morris

On a dark and stormy night - an unsuspecting detective arrives at an isolated mansion somewhere in England. He is confronted by five devious women prepared to guard each others secrets. As he attempts to investigate the suspicious death of the handyman his questions are met with conflicting accounts of what happened and misleading innuendoes. Can he figure out what really happened or will the audience have to do it for themselves?

Oct 21 to 25 - EODL One-Act entrant - Nov 6 to 8 in Haliburton

“Freud’s Last Session” - One Act Play

by Mark St. Germain

Suggested by “The Question of God” by Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, Jr.

Directed by Jane Werger

Freud’s Last Session is a fascinating, imagined meeting between Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis in Freud’s study in London, at the start of WW 2. The two famous men engage in a debate about the existence of God, the nature of good and evil, and the meaning of love, sex and life. The play has been called “a gem…great theatre…intellectually thrilling with both humour and insight in abundance.” (New York 1)

Oct 30 to Nov 14


by Vern Thiessen

Directed by Bea Quarrie

Canadian playwright Vern Thiessen has written a play about one of the seminal battles in our history. But it is not a play about war, it is a dreamscape where small actions define us as individuals and as a nation. Here innocence is lost and lovers torn apart by the tidal forces of history. This abstract and poetic memory play makes concrete the lives of eight young Canadians. Our nationhood is defined as much by their courage and sacrifice as by their common love of our rugged landscape.

Dec 8 to 13

“The Snow Queen” - FAMILY PLAY

As adapted from Hans Christian Andersen

Directed by Charles Shamess

From Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, the wicked Snow Queen casts a spell, turning Kai’s heart to ice and imprisoning him in her palace. Gerda tries to save Kai, through many ordeals and fun trials, she uses her wits to overcome all. The Disney film, Frozen, was based on this story.

Jan 15 to 30


by A.R. Gurney

Directed by Al Tye

A man, his wife, his dog: the makings of a comedic emotional triangle. Greg and Kate move to Manhattan from the suburbs. Greg’s career is winding down, Kate’s is taking off. Greg and Sylvia, the dog, find each other in the park. Then the dependencies and jealousies develop

Feb 19 to Mar 5 - EODL Festival Entry

Of the Fields, Lately

by David French

Directed by John Martyn and Nora Martyn

It takes many incidents to build a wall between two men, brick by brick.” So begins Of the Fields, Lately, the second in Canadian playwright David French’s trilogy of plays about the Mercer family, transplanted Newfoundlanders who settled in Toronto in the 1950s. In this sequel to Leaving Home (produced by the Guild in November, 1973) we see the mixed messages, unintended hurts, and occasional wicked humour that arise among family members when love that is both fierce and tender doesn’t know how to express itself. David French himself described the plays quite simply as being about “unrequited love”.

EODL Festival
Host: Peterborough Theatre Guild
Dates: April 6 to 9 (April 10-Awards Banquet)

May 6 to 14 (Musical at Showplace)

Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story

by Alan Janes

Directed by Jerry Allen

“Buddy- The Buddy Holly Story” is a celebration of the life and music of one of the most original, exciting and influential performers of the 20th Century. Buddy is a story everyone knows, of how sometimes great artists rise up and dazzle us with their musical gifts but are unexpectedly taken from us far too early. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and countless others have named Buddy Holly as the greatest single influence on their musical development.

Don’t miss the PTG production of “Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story”, May 2016!

July 15 - 23

What I Did Last Summer

By A.R.Gurney

Directed by Steve Russell

A.R. Gurney is perhaps one of the best American playwrights of the late twentieth century. His wit and insights into ordinary lives are penned with a sensitivity to common language, lean construction and rhythms of language that captivate the audience. He creates characters who seem like familiar friends and family.

In this memory play, set on the summer shores of Lake Erie in 1945, he invites the audience to return to simpler times and to recall those important formative experiences of youth. Young Charlie is torn between two women while his father is away fighting World War Two. His mother and sister don't know quite what to do with him. Should he follow his mentor, a social outsider, or be a dutiful son? His friends Bonny and Ted can't help him decide, until one fateful night when his rash behaviour has serious consequences.

This is a perfect summer play. Filled with humour, tension and nostalgia, it will have audiences sharing their own memories of important influences and events in their own lives.

August 5 to 13


A celebration of 50 years of Theatre, Song and Dance - A Musical Extravaganza from 1965 to the present.

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